Fishing on the James

The James River is a great place to fish. The Fall Line creates different fishing environments ranging from flat water to rapids with lots of deep pools. You’ll find a variety of catfish, bass, sunfish, gar, carp, shad and herring.  Recently, sturgeons have returned to the river.

March, April and May are popular fishing months when shad, perch, strippers and herring are migrating upstream to freshwater. When these spawning runs are underway, you can see anglers fishing from boats, the shore, the bridges and on the rocks in the river. Some big, trophy-sized fish have been hooked in the James; jumbo stripers up to 30 pounds, largemouth bass up to 7 pounds, small mouth bass up to 5 pounds, blue catfish up to 102 pounds and more. According to John Bryan, who has written a lot about fishing, “Several fish over 50 pounds are caught every week throughout the year.”

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