Mountain bike trails

Richmond’s mountain bike trail system, comprising trails along the James River and Forest Hill Park, are among the best in the nation.

Bicycle skills area

The Belle Isle bicycle skills area is the best place in the James River Park System to polish your technique to master the more than 18 miles of local mountain bike trails. The skills area consists of beginner to intermediate obstacles, such as logs, rock gardens and drop-offs. It also includes a beginner and full-size pump track for improving your rhythm and stamina. Directly across Belle Isle from the pedestrian bridge, the park is easily accessible and perfect for riders of all ages. 


Opens at sunrise and closes at sunset

James River Park System trails video

For a quick preview of the outstanding trail system running through Richmond, please see the below videos, created by two avid Richmond riders.

Paradise City - JRPS, Richmond VA from Ridekore on Vimeo.

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